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During the COVID -19 pandemic which is effecting many businesses around world, we have taken precautions to protect our employees and families.

During this pandemic and until further notice , most roles will be remote based and you will be supplied with the relevant equipment to carry out your role. ( please check with each individual job description)

Some roles will be required to be in the office due to sensitivity, or security requirements. If you are required to work from the office, all social distancing must be adhered to.

Once we have further updates , we will cascade accordingly and will return back to the office once it is safe to do so!

Private Healthcare Insurance

* Site specific

Discounted Sports membership

* Site specific

Chill rooms with consoles

Continuous Development

Remote working

* Country & role specific

International culture

Health & Wellbeing

Training allowance

* Site specific

Team activities and Rewards

Functionality Quality Assurance

Functionality QA (FQA), is the biggest department of Testronic, responsible for identifying and reporting functional defects which affect players experience, and ultimately impact overall game quality.

Localisation Quality Assurance

Gaming is an international language. Making sure you’re a hit in new markets gives way to attracting larger audiences, creating bigger franchises and big wins for brand awareness. Localisation QA and Translation is key. We can help make sure you never say rubber, when you meant to say rubber.

Player Support

Testronic’s Player Support focuses directly on the growing demand and capabilities of the Gaming Industry. We provide a bespoke customer support service customised to the specific needs of our clients, creating a richer gaming experience for the end users.

Film & TV

Testronic FTV are the global provider of QA for all of content channels, from cloud to, discs and everything in-between. 

Film & TV were the first department established by Testronic offering video testing.


Testronic provides full translation, proofreading, text review, transcriptions, or any other linguistic service that may be required in any language combination needed. We can provide upwards of 40 languages as required.

3 out of 5 stars
The recruitment manager seemed a bit uncomfortable during the interview.
Applicant feedback from July 28, 2021
Overall I had a pretty satisfying experience. The process of applying, interviewing and testing my abilities is pretty long though and takes a considerable amount of time to complete. I understand the need to test the waters and make sure that you are getting a capable candidate for the position so I won't complain about it. It didn't require a lot of work from me and the people I was talking to had a good combination of formality and friendliness which didn't come out as too casual. Also it didn't feel like I was under serious stress so it helped me a lot to ease into giving proper answers without much delay. In the end, I am satisfied with my experience.
Applicant feedback from July 25, 2021
Friendly and considerate
The application and interview process is so much considerate for the applicant, for example, they even remind you of the exact interview time based on your timezone. Always so friendly and helpful.
Applicant feedback from July 22, 2021
- Wszystko było dobrze, oprócz objaśnienia dalszych kroków rekrutacji na zakończenie rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej
Applicant feedback from July 22, 2021
I am very satisfied working from home. The induction has been done properly, but some of the managers are not quite as helpful as others. Teammates are amazing. The rate per hour should be reviewed. Overall, it is a good place to be working remotely.
Employee feedback from July 21, 2021
Generally Good Interview
Positives: - the reply after the application is very fast and it's better than any other company in any industry - the recruiter was very helpful, extremely friendly, and informative - the process is very well constructed Negatives: - the interview process is extremely long especially for a job position that doesn't offer a permanent employment contract - the LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance) position for Arabic localization... while I'm not familiar with how the exam is checked, the Arabic exam questions and proofreading are very inconsistent on whether it wants perfect flawless Arabic (usually only used for poetry) or casual Arabic, it considers some very minor flaws while overlooking some sentences/words that have bigger flaws
Applicant feedback from July 21, 2021
Interview process
The response are prompt and the interviewers are really friendly, no tension whatsoever.
Applicant feedback from July 20, 2021
Komfortowe miejsce pracy
Od samego początku pracy tutaj, czuję się jak wartościowy pracownik. Moi przełożeni chętnie ze mną rozmawiają i pomagają mi szlifować swoje umiejętności. Ogromnym plusem jest Mental Health First Aid.
Employee feedback from July 18, 2021
for the Arabic screenshot test, there could be more notes as it could be confusing to distinguish the error for example when the letters are not connected to each other or when the handwriting is written in the opposite direction those 2 issues is only related to the Arabic language as its letters connected to each other and the handwriting is from right to left so in that case, I didn't know if I should put it as a corrupted or something else.
Applicant feedback from July 16, 2021
good experience
Because i applied for a position in Arabic language I had some difficulties with the editor used online but except that every thing was perfect
Applicant feedback from July 16, 2021
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